Monday, 22 September 2014

Water: Requirement, excess and myths

Water constitutes 60% of a human adult body. It is an essential part of our life. But do we have any idea in what quantity should we be drinking water? From various “truths” that circulates around about drinking water and using various bottles, below are some important myths covered for you.
  1.       Drink at least eight glasses of water daily
  2. To keep your body hydrated, though water is the easiest and most affordable fluid available, studies show that it is not just water, one can take any fluid to keep the body hydrated. It is the total consumption of fluid in any form that matters. Women should have eight glasses or two liters of any fluids and men should have 12 glasses or three liters of any fluids a day, not just water.

  3.      Drink water to keep your skin moist
  4. Though to stay vibrant, youthful looking skin one needs to be hydrated, the amount of water one drinks has little effect on this. Consumption of water prevents dry skin only when one is deeply dehydrated. The moisture of skin depends more on external factors than internal. Factors such as environment, skin cleansing, oil glands on skin and their functioning determine how dry the skin will become. The water consumed is not able to reach the top layer of skin.

  5.      Thirst is a sign of dehydration
  6. If you are feeling thirsty, you should grab a glass of water. But being in no way means being dehydrated. The basic rule behind feeling thirsty is that the concentration of blood in your body has risen by two percent. For dehydration, it is said that the concentration has to rise above five percent.

  7.      Drink as much water as you can
  8. As the saying goes, Excess of everything is bad. Same is in the case of water. In case of certain health condition, people can put themselves in danger if excess of water is consumed. These cases include high blood pressure, heart condition etc. People who have kidney problems, and those who have had a transplant need to consult their doctors on the amount of water they can drink.

  9.      Yellow urine means dehydration
  10. Even though yellow urine can be a sign of dehydration, not all cases are due to that reason. It is the function of kidneys to reabsorb water and filter waste material from blood. So the amount and concentration of urine is controlled by kidneys. Dehydration leads to yellow urination due to increased concentration. But it can also occur due to multivitamins.

  11.      Plastic bottles can be reused after washing
  12. A lot of people use the plastic water bottle again and again after its initial water consumption. This can pose a greater risk as the bottle releases some chemicals on multiple uses. The bottle may also harbor various bacteria from our mouth if it is not properly washed.

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