Sunday, 21 September 2014

10 Myths about Introverts

Depression, shyness, rude behavior, arrogant – some of the attributed that are stamped on us. Yet were far from what people say about us. Labeled as mentally and socially inept, and in fact threatening to the society, we are belittled, bullied and accused of things they don’t understand.

10 of the popular myths about us:
  1.       Introverts are assholes
  2. Yes, we might seem aloof and cold, but that is mainly because we are processing and thinking information internally. And around people we are not close to, we keep our personal spaces as we like it that way. There is an uncharted boundary that we guard and do not let anyone enter. This gives us as standoffish, but our silence should not be mistaken for being snobbish. If we do not talk or interact with any particular person, it is surely not because we dislike that person, or think too highly of ourselves to be interacting with that person. It simply means that we are still accustoming to you in our surroundings.

  3.      Introverts want to be alone
  4. We sit alone, we like to spend time with our thoughts, but does that mean we always want to be alone? Reality is introverts don’t like to be alone. We have one or two friends that we are closest to, and love to spend time with them. But that is also on certain levels and times. Although we cherish our “alone time”, we love social time in small doses as well.

  5.      Introverts don’t like socializing or going out
  6. Introverts don’t suffer from a disease or fear of going out. As we find our stimulations inside of ourselves with our hobbies and out thoughts, we like to spend time indoors. This leads us not going out that often as there is no need. Introverts also give more value to safety, comfort and privacy or their personal environment, which leads us staying home more than others.

  7.      Introverts are losers with no friends
  8. Yes, we have a problem making friends. But this is due to the fact that we pick our friends selectively. This in no sense means that we don’t think some people are not good enough to be a friend, it just means that we take some time to open up with new people. Generally introverts have only one or two friends they confide in. This is why some introvert children are friendless in school. They in no way like being always alone.

  9.      Introverts are highly depressed
  10. Quite, detached: two common characteristics between depressed people and introverts have people confused that introverts are depressed. The main difference between introverts and depressed people is that introverts are content in their quite world, whereas people who are depressed are dissatisfied. Some introverts are depressed, but most of introverts are quietly complacent in their world. Unlike depressed people, they aren’t in conflict with the universe and with themselves. Although there are issues that they often face, they do not get trapped in them like people who are depressed.

  11.      Introverts don’t like talking
  12. Even though people think that we don’t like talking, it’s only that we prefer listening closely to what is being said. We contribute only after understanding every person’s point of view lest we speak an irrelevant point. But if there are a lot of people present, introverts have a hard time putting across their point, so they decide to remain silent and observe. Due to this they are labelled as people who have nothing to speak.

  13.      Introverts can’t have fun
  14. Different people have different needs, different desires. So is the definition of fun. Introverts have their own definition of fun. Maybe they don’t like participating in karaoke or going to social clubs, they love going to book clubs, or creating their own web-comics. They seem uptight and uncomfortable in social events and other similar situations, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun. Having fun is just different that other people

  15.      Introverts are stupid – mentally inept
  16. As we are quite, submissive and that we don’t voice our ideas too often, people assume us to be unintelligent. People would see how much useful knowledge we have if they stopped to listen and observe. Being quite does not mean unintelligent, just as being loud does not mean intelligent.

  17.      Introverts have low self esteem
  18. It is common to have low self-esteem. So introverts are no exception. But that does not mean all introverts have low self-esteem. People perceive quietness and being detached as having low self-esteem and poor self-confidence.

  19.      Introverts are shy
  20. It’s true that large number of shy people are introverts, yet it does not imply that all introverts are shy. We are reserved, which means we like to keep to ourselves and not involve in other people’s lives. What differentiates us from shy people is that shy people are actually scared of social contact, while we aren’t. We just avoid it in large quantities.

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