Sunday, 21 September 2014

Myths about Homeopathy

  1.       Homeopathy is slow in effect and used only in chronic conditions
  2. Homeopathy can be taken in acute condition too, e.g. sore throat, fever, burns, injuries, etc. It’s just that a correct observation needs to be done. It requires a keen wye and an open mind helps in prescribing in these acute conditions.

  3.      Homeopathy should not be taken with other conventional medicines such as anti-diabetics and anti-hypertensive drugs
  4. This is the biggest myth amongst people. Homeopathy is a treatment for the whole body in context with a long term health & person’s well-being. Even besides conventional medicines, it is important that people continue with their medication prescribed to them. But it is advisable that patients discuss this with experienced physicians.

  5.      Homeopathic medicines contains steroids
  6. A good homeopathic medicine which stimulates and improves body’s defense mechanism (Immune system). It works as a modulator, and gives satisfying results. Derived by and large from plants, homeopathic remedies do have alkaloid which are almost as effective as steroids, but are not STEROIDS. They do not have any side effects like steroids have.

  7.      Homeopathy should not be taken by expecting or lactating/nursing mothers
  8. Homeopathy medicines actually help to-be-mothers in building their immune systems against any general infection and helps in problems like vomiting, nausea etc. without any risk. As these doses are prepared in minute quantities and after dilution, they don’t cause any type of toxics.

  9.      Homeopathy cannot be prescribed with allopathic medicines
  10. There is no study or rationale that justifies stopping allopathic medicines if one is taking homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicines are made from plants are their potencies act only on dynamics whereas Allopathic medicines work on a physiochemical level.

  11.      Homeopathy can make one lose weight or grow tall
  12. As these medicines in no way act on the genetic level or environmental factors that govern these things, homeopathy doesn’t make one grow tall or build a body like an athlete.

  13.      Homeopathy is not advised to Cancer patients
  14. Homeopathy acts on the dynamic level, it helps improve the immune system, the defense system, of the body. In fact, these medicines are very useful in increasing the blood counts that drops after chemotherapy and helps build general resistance.

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